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bathroom design and installation
Bathrooms do leave a pretty significant first impression on any guest lucky enough to use it. Moreover, a congested bathroom look can be easily avoided by following a few simple tips. Here are some simple and easy to follow tips that you can follow to make your bathroom look more spacious than it actually is.

Coordinate the colours
Coordinating the colour is an essential part of this process. Make sure that everything inside the bathroom is of the same colour – hence giving the impression of some uniformity and hence leading to a more spacious look. If you’re looking to add some contrast, make sure you add it to something that is in the background like a light fixture or a low cabinet. This will allow that particular object to stand out without affecting the uniform, spacious look.

Paint the walls the same colour as the ceilings
This is a follow up to the first tip, except it stands even more important and serves an even bigger purpose. The unified colour scheme inside the bathroom can be achieved perfectly if the ceilings and the wall are of the same colour. Moreover the unifying colour can help make any odd angles look less awkward – hence making up for a more organized shape and a more spacious look overall. If you really want to add some contrast between the ceiling and the walls, make the ceiling a shade darker than the walls, but don’t go for a colour that completely clashes with the colour of the walls.

Use mirrors
Mirrors are a great addition to any living space, especially bathrooms. They can help give a more spacious look to any living space. An expansive mirror with some light installed right on top can double the spacious effect of the mirror and also make your bathroom look all the more pretty. One great way to achieve a more spacious look is to position the mirrors across the window within the room. Doing this will give visual impression that you have two windows in the same space! Also make sure not to use double mirrors over side by side sinks as they can make the space look smaller instead of bigger.

Natural Light
When is natural light not a good idea? Natural light in a bathroom makes sure that the space is more defined and looks less congested. And who doesn’t like entering the bathroom with some glorious sunshine to greet them!