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A wet room is becoming a very popular installation for many bathrooms. Essentially, a wet room is a tank shower area that is often lightly raised from the rest of the floor or at the same level. The goal is to have all the water within the shower installation to drain out through a small flush drain that sits just below the shower area. The membrane and tile underneath the shower are cut at different gradients to ensure that the shower can completely drain. What a wet room does is make sure that the rest of the bathroom stays completely free of water collection. These have been a popular staple in bathrooms all over the world and they can deliver some huge advantages in your bathroom.

1) Accessibility
Wet rooms are particularly good for people whose movement is restricted, such as the elderly or disabled. There is no need for a shower tray which makes the access to the shower much easier.

2) Far less maintenance
With less chance of water spreading across your bathroom, there is lesser need of maintenance and less difficulties with cleaning your bathroom.

3) More room inside the shower
Wet rooms provide you with far more room inside your shower making your bathroom looks more spacious and increase the overall look and feel of the room.

4) Improving the value of your home
A wet room style shower or bath can add a huge value to your home. Bathroom renovations can improve the overall value of your home by up to 3% on the asking price.

Keep some of these top reasons in mind if you are considering a wet room installation for your bathroom.